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Out of Line

We work for and with small enterprises, multinationals, marketing and advertising agencies. There are award-winning images in our galleries and our images have been published around the world.

Some of the companies we work with and have worked with: DMP, Eriksen, Outokumpu, Pro Image (for them e.g. ABB, Arla Ingman, Schiedel), Hoshizaki, In Vogue, University of Helsinki, Home Improvement Finland, Morskieft Ontwerpers, Merkimpuls, TenerTodo, Home Memories, Sue LaRose Photography, Professional Consultants and Clinicians.

Aside from being shown in collective and solo exhibitions our images have been published in newspapers like The London Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Record, The Daily Mail, De Stentor and Iltasanomat, and in magazines like Practical Photography, Digital Photo, as well as in numerous commercial and educational publications.

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